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Victims of Crime

Circle of Care, St. Louis, Victims of Crime program supports older adults and adults with disabilities in the St. Louis area who have been affected by crime in the past or present. 


Our therapy and supportive services through the Victims of Crime program include individual and group therapy, crisis and trauma-focused therapy, in-home care services, safety planning, education, and support regarding victims’ rights, case management, assistance in filing compensation claims, information on community resources, and transportation-related to victims’ services. 

Therapy is provided by licensed, masters-level clinicians. Therapists can travel into the homes of clients who cannot leave for physical, financial, or mental/emotional reasons. The Victim Crime therapists and support staff network with senior centers, homeless shelters, local agencies, community leaders, and community events to reach people who need support or therapy relating to victimization. Supportive staff assist therapists through a team approach by conducting client intake and community outreach to facilitate communication processes.

All services are free and confidential. Call us today at 314-873-3501. 

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