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Nursing Facility Training Services

What are nursing facility transition (NFT) services? 

Circle of Care, St. Louis is here to help you understand your choices when considering a move from a long-term care facility to a private or community-based residence.


Where are Nursing Facility Transition Services Offered?

Circle of Care, St. Louis, through the Show Me Home, A Money Follows the Person Program assists qualified people living in St. Louis City and St. Louis County. 

How do I enroll? 

Call Circle of Care, St. Louis, and tell us you are interested in the Nursing Facility Transition (NFT) program. When you call, we will ask you several questions. This is done to help determine if you qualify for a program. 

What can I expect? 

When you contact Circle of Care, St. Louis, you will be asked questions, and an initial interview may be scheduled. The initial interview will provide you with a detailed explanation of the NFT Program. It is important for you, the individual, to be involved in developing a plan centered on your needs and choices. If necessary, assistance can be provided to locate affordable housing. For those returning to their home, Circle of Care, St. Louis will provide an assessment of the residence and recommend accommodations to ensure a successful transition. We will help identify programs and services needed to live independently in the community.

How do we help?

Circle of Care, St. Louis, helps coordinate the process of moving a current nursing home resident to a community-based residence and then coordinates the long-term care services they require.

We will assist you in identifying programs and services needed to live independently in the community, such as:

  • Adult Home Help

  • Millage & Care Management Services

  • MO Medicaid Waiver

The transition may take some time in order to ensure a safe and successful return to the community. You may stop the transition process at any time and remain living in the nursing facility.

Who is eligible?

In order to qualify, the person must:

  • Be a current nursing home resident

  • Qualify and be on Medicaid

  • Wish to return to your own home or another option available in the community

How do I make a referral?

A referral can be made by the person seeking a transition or any concerned individual. Please contact Reliance. For more information, call 314-873-3501.

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