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Empowering independence, one person at a time

The Social Services Division at Circle of Care St. Louis is distinguished by its exceptional range of services and the extraordinary caliber of its case managers. Offering intensive case management, care coordination, and transition services, this division is engineered to support the unique needs of our community’s seniors and disabled adults. Our case managers stand apart in the field due to their specialized training and certifications, ensuring the highest level of service and expertise.




  • Intensive Case Management

    • Provides comprehensive support tailored to individual needs, focusing on detailed assessment, planning, and goal setting to create optimal outcomes for each client. Our case managers engage actively with clients to formulate strategies that effectively address immediate and long-term needs.

  • Care Coordination

    • Ensures that all aspects of a client's healthcare and social services are seamlessly integrated. This service facilitates communication between various providers and navigates complex systems to ensure that clients receive comprehensive, uninterrupted care across different settings.

  • Transition Services

    • Our goal is to enable clients to successfully return to their homes and communities after medical events, thereby reducing the need for long-term care or frequent hospitalizations. This service is dedicated to creating smooth, sustainable transitions, ensuring continuity of care, and supporting independent living.

What sets our case managers apart is not only their expertise in handling Medicare and Medicaid but also their rigorous training regimen. Each case manager at Circle of Care St. Louis is certified in Medicare and Medicaid and receives an annual 10 hours of specialized training focusing on social security. This extensive training ensures that our team is well-versed in the latest industry knowledge and best practices, placing them a step ahead of others in the field.


Through our dedicated Social Services Division, Circle of Care St. Louis continues to provide unmatched support and advocacy, empowering our clients to navigate their challenges with confidence and live fulfilling lives.

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