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Case Management

Empowering Independent Living: Comprehensive Case Management for Seniors and Adults with Disabilities at Circle of Care St. Louis

A Case Manager will help you access the services and resources you need to age safely in place.

At Circle of Care St. Louis, we recognize that navigating the challenges of aging and managing disabilities can be complex and overwhelming for you or your loved ones. Our dedicated case management services are designed to support seniors aged 60+ and adults with disabilities aged 18 to 59, ensuring they maintain independence, receive coordinated care, and live with comfort and dignity.


Understanding Case Management at Circle of Care St. Louis

Case management is a proactive approach tailored to meet the unique needs of older adults and adults with disabilities. It is a comprehensive, multi-step process that involves detailed planning and coordination to prevent service duplication, reduce confusion, and deliver the most appropriate care. Our case managers act as liaisons, communicating with you, your family, and healthcare providers to orchestrate the effective delivery of medical and social services.


The Process Begins with a Thorough Care Assessment

This initial evaluation encompasses your health status, social support networks, and financial resources, which help craft a personalized service plan. Our case managers then guide you and your family through the application process for relevant programs and services, ensuring your needs are met efficiently.

What Does Case Management Involve? Our case management process includes:

  • In-Depth Screening and Assessment:

    • Reviewing your medical, financial, and social conditions to identify any service gaps and barriers.


  • Valuable Application Assistance:

    • Helping you navigate the application processes for various programs, ensuring you receive all the benefits you qualify for.


  • Development of a Comprehensive Service Plan:

    • Outlining your health and social care objectives, monitoring plans, and expected outcomes customized to your specific needs.

  • Proactive Referrals:

    • Facilitating connections with all necessary service providers, from medical professionals to legal aid, depending on your personalized service plan.


  • Consistent Support:

    • Beyond developing your service plan, case managers continue to monitor your progress, reassess your needs, and adjust your services as you age.

At Circle of Care St. Louis, we are committed to ensuring that our case management services provide support and a foundation for sustained health and happiness. Our case managers are dedicated to assisting you and your loved ones in managing the intricacies of healthcare and social services, making every phase of life as fulfilling and independent as possible.


Call Circle of Care, St. Louis, today to complete an intake at  (314) 873-3501 or complete our online central intake application


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