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Volunteer drivers connecting seniors and adults with disabilities to the people and things that matter most.

Trusted Transportation
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Welcome to My Ride Connection. My Ride Connection exists to connect St. Louis seniors and adults with disabilities to the people and things that matter most to them. The My Ride Connection program of compassionate community volunteer drivers and ride coordinators ensure our riders can get safely and reliably from point A to B and back.

Why Ride with My Ride Connection?

  1. Easy scheduling for registered members: Book online, click here, or call (314) 873-3501 at least three (3) full business days in advance to schedule a trip, and a ride coordinator will schedule a ride based on your individual needs.

  2. Worry-free personalized service: We’ll touch base the day before the trip to make sure you’re prepared and comfortable with every aspect of your ride.

  3. Membership:  Members are eligible for a maximum of two rides per month. Please note that My Ride Connection is not intended to be the primary transportation service for regular appointments like dialysis or work.

  4. Membership Payments: Membership fees can only be paid once your application is approved. If you have any payment-related queries or need to add funds to your account, please use our methods to contact us.

  5. Companions ride for free: A caregiver or family member can take the trip with you at no charge. Just have them register with us, and they can accompany you at no charge.

  6. Reliable rides: We ensure that your driver is given all the details of your trip so you can rely on them being where you need them when you need a ride.

  7. Local, verified drivers: Each of our volunteer drivers is a community member who has had a background check and received training. 

  8. Have fun: Connect with new community members and form relationships. Our drivers love meeting new people and want to get to know you. We aim to make your trip more meaningful than a simple drive from point A to B, so you’ll likely make a new friend in the process!

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