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HIV Personal Care Services

Personal Care for Individuals living with HIV/AIDS

The outlook for people living with HIV and AIDS is much more positive than it was a decade ago, thanks to continuous advances in medicine. But the disease is not without its challenges. It takes a physical and mental toll on people, particularly as they age.


How We Help

At Circle of Care St. Louis, Our caregivers are trained in and have experience working specifically with clients who are living with HIV and AIDS. They assist with personal care such as activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing grooming, and transferring. Our caregivers also understand that living with HIV and AIDS requires a comprehensive approach to caring for yourself. This is why we focus on aspects of care like:

  • Nutrition and meal preparation

  • Hydration

  • Staying active and getting exercise

  • Getting enough rest

  • Medication reminders


Because HIV and AIDS affect the immune system, people are susceptible to infections, which is why keeping clients in top physical health is so important.


Support When You Need It

Taking care of your physical health is only part of the care experience Circle of Care, St. Louis provides. Our caregivers also give clients emotional support by being there to listen to them in times of struggle and to offer encouragement. Living with a chronic illness is difficult, and we believe that no one should face it alone. This includes assisting family caregivers by stepping in to provide respite care for a loved one when it's requested. Circle of Care, St. Louis is here to help clients and their families through every step of their journey.


How to Obtain Services

Reach out to Circle of Care, St. Louis by phone 314-873-3501 or fill out an online intake. When you request services, tell us what you or your loved one needs help with and how often.

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