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Take Charge 

A Consumer Directed Services

Consumer Directed Services (CDS) is based on the philosophy that older and disabled adults should have choices about how they receive services and who provides them. With the help of Circle of Care, St. Louis staff, older and disabled adults can hire, train, schedule, and supervise their workers to assist with personal care and homemaking tasks. Older and disabled adults can choose their workers --they can be partners, friends, neighbors, or any family member (except a spouse). 

Services you eligible for under Consumer Directed Services (CDS)

  • The CDS Attendant can assist with personal care tasks--bathing, dressing, ambulating, toileting, eating, taking medications, or other similar tasks. 

  • The CDS Attendant can assist with homemaking tasks, meal preparation, housework, laundry, grocery shopping, errands, and other similar tasks. 

  • Circle of Care, St. Louis, assists with paperwork for Consumer Directed Services (payroll, tax withholding, and reporting) and issues payroll checks to CDS Attendant on an elder or disabled person's behalf. 


  • Be eligible for MO HealthNet (Medicaid).

  • Be 18 years of age or older.

  • Be able to direct his or her care.

  • Be physically disabled.

  • Be capable of living independently with the services of a personal care attendant.

  • Require at least a nursing facility level of care.

Who Can be a CDS Attendant? 

  • The CDS Attendant must be willing and able to provide the assistance outlined in the Consumer's state-approved Care Plan.

  • No special license or certification is required to be a CDS Attendant. 

  • The CDS Attendant must be legally eligible for employment in Missouri. 

  • The CDS Attendant must have Missouri's Family Care Safety Registry (FCSR) (criminal background check). 

  • The CDS Attendant can be a partner, family member (except a spouse), neighbor, friend, or someone the consumer recruits.

To get started, please complete our online application.




Not sure if you qualify for Medicaid? We can Help! Call 314-873-3501 and speak to one of our trained staff members on CDS and In-Home services.

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