Ella Rose Emergency Shelter for Seniors

The Ella Rose Emergency Shelter program 

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home. Seniors are among the most vulnerable in our society and are at increased risk of abuse. The Missouri Department of Health has seen a rise in abuse reports and investigations as of the fiscal year 2016. Circle of Care St. Louis created the Ella Rose Emergency Shelter program to give seniors a safe place to go when they need it.

The Ella Rose Emergency Shelter program is our temporary shelter and support program for seniors in St. Louis and Southeastern Missouri who need emergency assistance due to an urgent situation. This includes any senior who is experiencing:


  • Trauma

  • Violence

  • Criminal Victimization

  • Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Financial)


Circle of Care St. Louis offers this emergency shelter program as a lifeline for seniors in order to help get them out of their current situation and back on their feet. To help get clients to a better place, we offer counseling and set up referrals to community programs to address the issues that resulted in emergency shelter placement. Together with our community partners, Circle of Care St. Louis strives to help clients:

  • Connect with Social Service Providers to receive additional resources and/or benefits:

  • Find or Apply for Housing

  • Job Search Assistance

  • Build Self-Esteem

  • Manage Medical Appointments

  • Re-connect with Family Members

  • Prepare for Life in a New Home

  • Prescription Refills

The goal of the Ella Rose Emergency Shelter program is to make sure seniors are set up to thrive and stop the cycle of abuse, violence, trauma, or crime.

Ella Rose Williams 

Admission Criteria:

  • 60 years of age or older.

  • Experienced one or more of the following types of abuse (physical, sexual, psychological, financial) or is at risk for experiencing such abuse.

  • Referred to the Ella Rose Emergency Shelter by a community or governmental organization.

  • In need of a temporary safe space and agrees to be placed in a temporary safe space.

  • Victim will not contact alleged abuser through any form of communication during stay.

  • Victim will keep shelter location confidential.

To submit the Referral Form for Admission:

1. Complete the fillable PDF form (click here)
2. Save the completed form to your desktop.
3. Open a new email and attach your completed form.
4. Send the form to: ellarose@ with the subject line “ERES Referral”

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